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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Hi Everyone,
If you follow the cricut mb, and look in the imagine forum, most people would know that there is a new update out, where you can link your gypsy to the imagine, for basic cuts at the moment.
The best thing is you can now print true 12x12 paper, which is great news.
I did the download and didnt have any troubles doing so.
My gypsy until i did a backup, it kept coming up with an error message, not sure why they happened it has never happened before when i have done past updates.
I love buying my pp, but i am also going to love to be able to print my own pp, and i was really happy with the results.
This paper is from hopscotch.
It was easy to clean the overspray on the mat, with just a baby wipe.
The ink smears on the pp, is the actual pattern, and not the imagine doing a bad print job.

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