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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hello Everyone,
How is everyone? I am great, it is such a beautiful day here in Western Australia, such a clear blue sky, have started a veggie patch, so yummy fresh produce coming our way if i don't kill them first.
Well yesterday, at 2pm i heard the delivery guy pull up in our drive way, I was filled with excitement, only to have him come to the door with 2 small parcels, one I had to sign for, imagine my disappointment, I was sure i was getting my imagine that day.  Then he looks at me and says you have two more parcels in the van, one being a bigger one, I yell to my daughter, he has a bigger one :-(  not thinking about the innuendo.
Even my husband smirked about that comment, well out of the van he pulls out the box, that had provocraft, YIPPEE.
I will put up the pics of the unveiling and some simple projects i have made, well cards at this point in time.
They are quite simple as i navigate my way around the imagine, and also i will show two of the same card cutouts one with really bad calibration, and then the calibration which isn't 100%perfect, but am happy with the results none the less.
This machine does tiny tiny cuts, like i did a cut with the rooster and bird, and with the expression, it would of been so delicate, it would of ripped the legs off, as i was getting it off the mat, really pleased that the legs are intact. LOL
Stay tuned for Thursday as I got a new job and my induction is tomorrow, so don't think i will have time to post anything.
Look forward to all your comment, please tell your friends about the blog, the more friends the merrier, once I navigate my way around this blogging world, I will post challenges, so we can all have some fun.
Cheerio for now.


  1. LOL!! Naughty comment about the 'bigger one' but very funny - that's something I'd say too! Looking forward to pics of the unveiling and more projects.

  2. I mailed one from the US to Australia for a friend and the box was too big!
    We actually had to take it out of the original box and make our own. All the cartridges and cords were sent in a separate box. Did yours come postal?
    Just curious,

  3. Hi Terri
    My imagine came buy postal, nothing special, and i got mine all in the origingal imagine packing box, just like you would of recieved yours from HSN it was the same packaging, and had no problems.
    Postage was a bit, but was willing to pay for it.
    Hope that helps.
    MMMMMMM Wander if it is Jackies that you were packaging up,,hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm LOL.