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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some cards using the imagine

Hey People,
Here are a few more cards using the imagine, i hope to have more time to create better cards for you, at the moment i am still in playing mode, and these are slap together cards.
hope you enjoy them.

If you see the one with the rooster and chicken,(further up the page) was experimenting with different colored papers, and if you see the chick on the left opposed to the one on the right, you can see how i had problems with the calibration, and my husband fixed that, yet it was human error, as my eyesight isn't too good these days.
hope you enjoy looking at these examples, and they are just at the playing time at the moment, these are not serious card crafting, and wouldn't be worthy to give to anyone. (except the baby gift)
About to post other cards using the expression, made cuts awhile ago found them and decided to do some quick cards, and just some stickers i have laying around.
please leave comments and questions if you have any, drop in anytime.
My place is your place.

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