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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Unveiling Of My Imagine

Hi Peoples,
Well finally I am able to sit down and relax, so even though i have had my imagine for how long has it been a Week? no good with time frames, how about you lot, do you get your days mixed up??
I didn't have any major problems setting it up, and that is thanks to the members of the cricut mb, some had issues, and they were honest about what was wrong and how they fixed the problems, so really i just followed their steps.
I had a problem downloading the PC update, but i think it is because i panicked, when i thought it had frozen, so i stopped the computer download, started it up again, still a problem, shut it down again, took out the cable linking the computer to the imagine (i not recommending that you do it, it just worked for me) and then shut down the imagine, then reconnected everything, and downloaded in no time at all really, on the big scheme of things.
The next was the calibration, the operators flaw not the machine, there is a card that i have in the next post to do poor calibration to nearly spot on.
Well here are the pics, without further adieu
Anyway here are some pics of me and my unveiling, i am so not photogenic, and wow, i need to loose some weight.

How do you like my purple mat, I love it, but it isn't in my scrap room, will show pics of my craft room at a later date.
I really do like most of this project, except the box, i was just trying to show you the idea of being able to have the same elements if you were gift giving, and Christmas is creeping up quickly.
This project is for my daughters friend who is expecting a baby,
So i did a transfer onto a onesie, and made the box, card,and gift card.
Keep in mind this wont be the box i give her will make one with much greater care, I just wanted to get this up so you could all get the idea.
So here are a couple of pics, sorry i didn't write down instructions, will have to learn to do that, at them moment i am just playing, nothing to serious.

sorry about the side way view of the card, thought i had fixed it up.
Will post more tomorrow night
till then happy crafting! PSSSSSSSSSSSSST 
better mention that the new arrival words, were flood filled with Nursery, but the pp is my own.
other cuts were either used as the whole image, or in layers. the tag, and the rabbit, just combined the two images, and with the tag, deleted the items i didnt want.

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