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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Finding My Dog

First of all, I am over my illness, so posting lots of cards today.
Back to Business, my hubby left the garage door open, and didnt know our small dog Amy got out, well i was at work and hubby broke the news to me that Amy was gone.
We looked up and down the street, but she wasnt anywhere to be seen.
Good news our next door neighbour had seen her, and took me to the last place she had been seen, knocked on that persons door, no answer, so went to the next house, and they had her, they had taken her to the vets, hoping she would be found so i have my amy back.
This is a card i made for not only the neigbour, but also for the people that looked after her.
Dog is from animal kingdom, and the background paper was printed with the imagine, using nursery tales.
Also giving some chocolates.

This one is for my hubby birthday, he turns 58, so having a family get together, and we all pitched in to get him a gift card, to a boating, camping, fishing store
sorry cant upload the photo, wont let me, but it is just your basic male card, which i find hard to make.
Has the phrase birthday wishes, and then just a fish and hook and line.

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  1. I'm so happy that your furbaby is safe at home with you, and that your kind neighbor took care of her. I love my little guys and just can't imagine what I would do if they were missing. Give lots of treats!