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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Well i haven't created anything as you may as well point out to me.
I do have a valid reason i have been sick.
Thought it was hayfever, on the Monday, last week, by Thursday i seemed to be getting worse, so decided to go to the doctors.
My surprise, was i was actually sick :-), found out, that i went to the doctors just in time, as i was just on the brink of my illness turning into pneumonia, so four lots of medications later, and a week to recover, and i am all good.
Yet my interest in crafting has waned alittle bit.
This weekend i promise to make some cards, to post up.
If you follow the cricut mb, and own a gypsy then you would know about the promo that if your registered your gypsy by the 31st October, you got a special download that gave you I think 5 download able cartridges, the smiley cards one being a download able cartridge only, just downloaded mine today, so i will make a card with this on the weekend and post it up, as hubbys birthday is looming and need to make a card for him.
I really SUCK at making male type cards, how about all of you?

Well what a productive weekend, we bought a new bbq and outdoor setting, and OMG no crafting goods, can I actually go without buying crafting goods of any sort for a week, What A  RECORD.
Yet with a smile, I know i have pre-orders that have just been shipped, so should be getting new crafting goodies in a couple of days.
I also sorted out my crafting supplies, so my rub-ons, stickers, peeloffs, and my self adhesive gems and pearls now have their own space.

WHAT HAVE YOU ALL BEEN DOING? Leave A Comment, to tell me of the things that you have accomplished this week.

Till the weekend,
See you all real soon.

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