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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nothing New

Hi Peoples,
Well i did promise to have my unveiling of my new imagine up by today, but Life has happened so havent had a chance to do so.
I have nearly finished a project, wish i had of written down the dimensions, note to self......Need to write down instructions......
hopefully my knew project with the imagine and my unveiling will happen tomorrow afternoon, if not it will be on the weekend.
I have started a new job, working at a supermarket, had my 2 phase induction, for the last two days, tomorrow is my first day in my new store as a service cashier, from a 2IC to checkouts, will be a nicer pace for me.
Cant wait to get more of my imagine carts, I do love my new machine, must get new mats.
I am going to try tags bags and boxes tomorrow if i get a chance, for my project i want to finish, I want it too have the same paper to co ordinate with my project.
I really suck at making bags, and tags, my decoration or finished product is never what i envision, but will carry on, and have another go at it.
So please be patient guys, and i will get my project and unveiling of the imagine soon, I PROMISE.
Have a good night or day, whatever the case may be.
It is now my bed time, I need all the beauty sleep i can muster, and great crafting dreams to come my way.  LOL

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